6 December 2021 (Monday) - Parasitology NEQAS

I got the results of the parasitology NEQAS today…

I was presented these films with absolutely no information whatsoever.  


I couldn’t see any parasites – there weren’t any 


This was a thick film. In all honesty the best I could say was that I saw some blobs of dubious significance.  It turned out these were parasites. Well… I saw them and had this been a genuine case I would have sought a second opinion.

The report said:This thick blood film was from a patient on treatment for malaria. Small numbers of fine ring trophozoites typical for plasmodium falciparum were present on this film. The purpose of the thick film is to recognise the presence of malarial parasites rather than to confirm either the species or to quantitate the parasitaemia. This case as it happens ,was plasmodium falciparum and the contemporaneous level of parasitaemia separately determined by the reference centre was 0.1%

I’ll take that as success…

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