6 december 2021 (Monday) - Consent for Transfusion ?

I did my “Consent for Transfusion” e-learning today. From my perspective it was somewhat academic; I just provide the blood that the clinical staff ask me for, but it made me think…

Obviously it is important that people should be aware of what treatment they get when in hospital, but are most people *really* able to form a considered opinion as to whether or not a blood transfusion is in their best interests? I really worry that most patients would value the opinion of “Karen from Facebook” over any professionally produced information with which they might be provided. 

And I must admit to a sly smile when I read the bit about telling patients that they have been given a transfusion when they were not in a position to know that they were receiving one. My father found out about his blood transfusion purely by accident… Should I put in a formal complaint with the hospital in question?

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