8 November 2021 (Monday) - Oncologist Update

The nice people at “The Oncologist” sent their update today. rather clinical, and quite a bit of very little relevance to me, but there were a couple of snippets in there… there usually is.

Selections From This Issue:




Racism and Cancer Care


Adherence to Endocrine Therapy and Racial Outcome Disparities in Breast Cancer

Katherine E. Reeder‐Hayes, Melissa A. Troester, Stephanie B. Wheeler

Precision Medicine Clinic: Molecular Tumor Board


BRCA Germline and Sporadic Pancreatic Cancer

Steven Sorscher, Shakti Ramkissoon

RTK Mosaicism in Glioblastoma

Daniel J. Shepherd, Tyler E. Miller, Deborah A. Forst et al.

Clinical Trial Results


Phase I Trial of SGN‐2FF in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

Khanh T. Do, Laura Quan Man Chow, Karen Reckamp et al.



A Simplified Paclitaxel Premedication Regimen in Patients with Early Breast Cancer

Romualdo Barroso‐Sousa, Ines Vaz‐Luis, Antonio Di Meglio et al.

Patient Understanding of Molecular Testing Terminology

Shannon M. Blee, Rachel Pocock Shah, Ana P.M. Pinheiro et al.


Sunitinib and Evofosfamide Metastatic Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors

Enrique Grande, Cristina Rodriguez‐Antona, Carlos López et al.

Temozolomide in Grade 3 GI Neuroendocrine Neoplasms

David L. Chan, Emily K. Bergsland, Jennifer A. Chan et al.

Outcomes and Racial Disparities in Hormone‐Sensitive Prostate Cancer

Katherine Emilie Rhoades Smith, Jacqueline Theresa Brown, Limeng Wan et al.

Outcomes and Health Care Utilization in Older Adults with Aggressive NHL

P. Connor Johnson, Alisha Yi, Nora Horick et al.

TKI‐Related Vascular AEs in Patients with CML

Mei‐Tsen Chen, Shih‐Tsung Huang, Chih‐Wan Lin et al.

EMA Review of Isatuximab for Multiple Myeloma

Julio Delgado, Malgorzata Zienowicz, Paula Boudewina van Hennik et al.

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