3 March 2021 (Wednesday) - NEQAS 2101 PA

I got my hands on the results of January’s morphology NEQAS today. It’s a shame I can’t remember anything about it, but there it is… I can remember whinging about how long the NEQAS morphology results took to come back over fifteen years ago, and nothing has changed. 

2101 PA1

I couldn’t see any parasites in it.

Diagnosis: NegativeThis thin film was prepared from someone with symptoms suggestive of infection following travel to an area endemic for malaria. However, there was no evidence of infection with malaria species. More than 95% of respondents reported that the film provided was negative for parasites 

2101 PA2

I said there were parasites present

Diagnosis: Positive for MalariaThe vast majority of respondents (93%) identified the presence of malaria species in this thick film, prepared from an individual who was known to have a history of malaria and travel to an area where P.vivax is endemic.

Of these, most  identified  the  correct  species,  P.vivax”.

I was always told that it was not possible to speciate in thick films? But I got it right, and that’d the main thing…

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