3 March 2021 (Wednesday) - NEQAS 2101 BF

I got my hands on the results of January’s morphology NEQAS today. It’s a shame I can’t remember anything about it, but there it is… I can remember whinging about how long the NEQAS morphology results took to come back over fifteen years ago, and nothing has changed. 


I said: 

Rbc - macrocytosis, target cells, polychromasia
Wbc - Neutrophilia, smear cells

Plt -  Giant platelets, count OK

I got most of the salient features… but didn’t spot the basophilia. Let’s be honest, you don’t need many basophils to have a basophilia and in reality a cell counter would give you a basophil count.
Having missed the basophilia I felt that the macrocytosis and target cells pointed to liver disease. Perhaps if we were given all the information?

2101 BF2

I said: 

Rbc - unremarkable
Wbc - ? hypersegmented neuts ? Odd lymphocytes

Plt -  Giant platelets ? count reduced

To be honest I was struggling to find anything to say. I was tempted to say “normal film”. I should have done - this film was prepared from a seemingly normal young woman.
However one hundred and fifty participants thought there were odd lymphocytes present, and ninety-six felt that there were giant platelets there too.

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