3 February 2021 (Wednesday) - IBMS Newsletter

The IBMS sent their newsletter today. You can see it by clicking here. I find it difficult to be fair to them, but the newsletter was interesting if not particularly relevant to me. CPD is supposed to help me improve what I do daily, and the IBMS is my professional body. If anyone should be providing directly targeted information it should be them.

  • A refresher on setting up the microscope’s condenser maybe? 
  • A gallery of more obscure morphological findings?
  • Case studies on difficult antibody investigations?

Instead we have interesting science articles which we might show off to those who don’t know what we do in an attempt to impress them, three job adverts, calls for nominations for “Biomedical Scientist of the Year” (which rewards one and thereby offends thousands).

Mind you I was intrigued by their “Glowing CPD” campaign in which the Science Council is inviting IBMS members to share their stories of outstanding CPD from 2020 in a new campaign. Am I being cynical in thinking they will be more interested in s new form on which to record CPD rather than looking st what is written on that form?
There’s only one way to find out…

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