13 April 2020 (Monday) - New is better...?

Here’s an interesting article from a new source of CPD I’ve started following. TheScientistDaily I can distinctly remember talk of Herceptin a year or so ago. I *think I blogged about it here but (I won’t lie) I can’t be bothered to dig through the archives to find what I said.
But this article has researchers questioning whether Herceptin is as good as it was billed, and if current clinical guidelines for classifying and treating breast cancer may be off the mark. New classification schemes may better identify those patients more likely to benefit from anti-HER2 treatment or point to therapies that might be more effective.
Perhaps not directly relevant to what I do, but it makes me wonder just how wonderful the latest “wonder treatments” actually are. And how long it will be before the new classification schemes are superseded?

I can remember reading that NASA refused to allow technology less than five years onto their space probes as they wanted tried-and-tested technology; it’s no good finding problems when the space probe is half the solar system away.

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