5 September 2019 (Thursday) - Transfusion News email

The nice people at “Transfusion News” sent their update today. As always this was one of the more interesting bits of C.P.D. I was particularly interested in the increased prevalence of transfusion reactions in those who’ve just given birth. I was always under the impression that the immune system was “scaled back” during pregnancy.
One lives and learns… by doing C.P.D.

Iron Deficiency Toolkit Improves Iron Levels in Pregnancy and Decreases Transfusions
September 4, 2019
About 10% of women and teens of childbearing age have iron deficiency in developed countries. Pregnancy exacerbates the risk of iron deficiency since maternal iron needs are increased. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which is associated with poor outcomes for [Read More]
Increased Risk of Transfusion Reactions in Postpartum Blood Transfusions
August 28, 2019
Transfusion reactions occur in 0.15% to 3.7% of all transfusions and can range from mild fevers to severe, life-threatening reactions. Since pregnancy is associated with changes in the immune system, researchers in Sweden sought to determine [Read More]
The “Transfusion Medicine Question of the Day” is now available in Spanish. “Question of the Day” is a free interactive resource that helps professionals in transfusion medicine stay up to date on vital information in their field. [Read More]

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