5 September 2019 (Thursday) - BTLP-TACT

Yesterday I had one of those emails prompting me to get on and to a BTLP-TACT exercise.
Beaing in mind that what with having been on leave it was only four working days since I last did one... But I suppose it needed doing. And I carry on collecting CPD when I'm on leave so i can't grumble...

I was presented with two cases:

05248 – a forty-five year old female patient with sickle cell disease needing a two unit transfusion
This patient was A Positive with a negative antibody screen
I selected the only two units which were K neg and HbS neg
I would have liked to have phenotyped and given a better match, but that wasn’t possible.

76508 – A twenty year old female patient requiring group and save
This patient was O Positive with a negative antibody screen

I got the green light

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