12 July 2019 (Friday) - Annoyed.

The BBTS sent their update today… I was rather incensed.

In my work I provide blood for transfusions. I sometimes flippantly describe it as “hours of boredom interspersed by moments of stark terror”, but it really can be like that. With no notice at all I may be called on to provide massive amounts of compatible blood. If I don’t get my arse into gear right away, people may die. But that is what hospital work is all about.
This morning the BBTS sent an email asking for nominations for an award which “will recognise the ‘behind the scenes’ staff who contribute directly or indirectly to the care and continuity of transfusion support”. 

This annoys me. 

The day after my son was born I was on duty for twelve hours because no one else was available. During that time I ensured the compatibility of over fifty units of blood for cases involving someone with a major intestinal bleed, various people with anaemia and a patient whose aorta had ruptured. I missed my daughter’s first eight birthday parties so that there would be someone in the blood bank outside of routine working hours. 

But (quite frankly) this is nothing special. People in hundreds of blood transfusion labs across the country do the same and have done for years. But now nominations are sought for “the best”. And everyone else’s efforts are automatically cheapened.

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