14 March 2019 (Thursday) - NEQAS Morphology

Seemingly ages ago I did the NEQAS morphology exercises. I finally got two minutes to look up the results:

1901 BF1

Male - 70 years old. Hb 136, Wbc 7.7

Giant platelets, thrombocytopenia and are those Dohle bodies in the neutrophils?
Other than that nothing really striking. Maybe some burr cells
??? May-Hegglin

This was May-Hegglin.


Female - 86 years old Hb 86, Wbc 27.9

Lymphocytosis with blasts. Neutropenia. Mild thrombocytopenia

The report said this case was from a two-year old. Was there some hiccup in the admin?

1901 PA1

Field's stained thick blood film on patient with fever who had recently visited Luanda (where's that?) and had not taken anti-malarials.

I saw some things which looked malaria-ish but I wasn’t convinced. I'm no expert at thick films

This was negative for malarial parasites


Giemsa stained thin blood film on patient returned from Amazonas (Brazil) with temperature of 38.5 degrees Celsius

Malarial parasites seen. P. vivax

This was P.vivax

I did OK…

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