12 February 2019 (Tuesday) - BTLP-TACT

I had a go at the BTLP-TACT today during a lull in the work. I've noticed clicking on "Start New Scenario" just gives spinning egg timer - I have to click on home to continue.

I was presented with just one case - twenty eight year old female in theatre G&S and four units for tomorrow

The forward group was AB Pos but the reverse group was inconsistent with the forward group.
It was positive in both cells - reverse group was O. Was this due to a cold-reacting antibody such as anti P1 or anti-M
(I went wrong here. I mistakenly assumed there were two anti-D wells like when you do a manual group. There are not. One well was a control which was positive which I took as confirmation of the RH group. It should have been negative. I suppose this is the problem of BTLP-TACT not completely mirroring what I do in the lab)

The antibody screen was positive: 1+ in cell 2, so I requested antibody panels.
The enzyme panel was positive 4+ in cells 3 & 5 which looks like anti-E
The IAT panel panel was positive  1+in cells 3 & 5 which also looks like anti-E

So now what? We have what I thought was something which looks like AB Pos with anti-E and something indeterminate causing reverse group issues. In actual fact the exercise had an indeterminate blood group with anti-E.
However in either case I wouldn't issue anything. I'd wait for the reference lab to sort the group and recommend what to crossmatch. But for the purposes of the exercise I had to do something.

O Neg is the only viable answer - K Neg E Neg O Neg... 

I got the red light - Apparently I should have said the Rh group was uninterpretable.. of course it was - that was a control well - not two anti-Ds

So I thought I's try again...

I was presented with two cases

17638 Female G&S which was O Pos with no antibodies
06910 Female G&S which was A Pos with no antibodies

Looking at the pictures properly I see where I went wrong last time - there is only one anti-D well. The other well is a control. It was positive last time - I thought that two positives was two anti-D results. Whoops!

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