16 April 2018 (Monday) - Vacuoles

At last…. For once….  So often this cpd lark is very “theoretical” and “reflective” but today the nice people at lablogatory sent me something directly useful. A review of cytoplasmic vacuolation in early cells.
Every hematopathologist and pathology trainee knows to be wary of the myriad of causes that could mimic the dysplastic changes seen in marrows involved by MDS. Many times morphology alone, without genetic or cytogenetic evidence of clonality can be tricky. The list of things that can recapitulate changes seen in MDS seems to grow longer every day – and with it the length of our ‘canned comments’ on ruling out reactive causes of dysplasia. Within the recent past, two bone marrow biopsies crossed my microscope, both sent to ‘rule out’ MDS. Both had almost identical morphologic findings, but very different diagnoses…”

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