30 November 2017 (Thursday) - HCPC Newsletter

The HCPC newsletter came this morning. Quite a lot of general interest… not so much of the specifics for me…

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Welcome to issue 72 of HCPC In Focus
We have a jam-packed issue for you this month, with information on three separate government consultations and guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office on what to do if you process health data.

We also take a look at two recently published publications, our revised guidance on confidentiality, which provides advice for registrants on how they should handle and share information about service users, and our Fitness to practise annual report 2017. There are also partner recruitment opportunities that will be of interest if you would like to be involved in the work of your regulator.
Look out for the next issue of HCPC In Focus in January 2018.
Daniel Knight, Editor

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