1 February 2016 (Monday) - NHSBT Newsleter

The NHSBT e-newsletter arrived today.

For Action
1.1  New OBOS 7.1.5 Release

For Information
2.1 NHSBT TACSI Platelet Production
2.2 Customer Satisfaction
2.3 Patient Blood Management (PBM) Team PBM Newsletter – Issue 5
2.4 Consent pages on the Hospitals and Science website
2.5 Single Unit Transfusion Policy – Implementation Guide
2.6 An invitation to help to identify the uncertainties that surround Blood Transfusion and Blood Donation

For Training
3.1 Scientific & Clinical Course dates

This newsletter doesn’t actually carry the information. It just tells me what is available at http://hospital.blood.co.uk/  - perhaps I’m thick but I struggle to find anything on that website

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