May 10, 2011 (Tuesday) - Pre Reg Portfolio (an introduction)

Another trainee is embarking on the pre-registration portfolio, so today I sat with her and told her what she's letting herself in for. In preparation for this I revisited the PowerPoint presentation I have on the subject. And since the presentation was originally compiled, things have changed:

  • It had the old address for the website of advice, so that had to be changed
  • The assessor no longer has the certificate of competence to award. This is now posted on at a later date.
  • The assessor is now called a verifier.
  • And I added another example to the presentation.
I spent a little while revising the presentation which is now downloadable from the website of advice for the pre-reg portfolio.
So much for thinking I could compile the presentation once and just keep re-using it: these things need constant updating...

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