13 November 2022 (Sunday) - BTLP-TACT Exercise

I’m sitting on the sofa having walked seven miles with the dogs. My back aches and I can hardly keep my eyes open… an ideal time to see if I can figure out a BTP exercise…
I was given two cases:
89762 – a thirty four year old woman in A&E with epistaxis requiring group & save
She grouped as A Rh(D) Positive (albeit a weak reaction) with antibody screen positive in all three cells.
I selected antibody panels.
The IAT screen was positive in all cells but 4 and 8
This could not exclude anti-D, anti-E, anti-Cw, anti-S, anti-Lu(a), anti-K, anti-Fy(a)
The enzyme panel was negative which ruled out all Rh antibodies (well, it doesn’t *at all* but for BTLP-TACT purposes it does)
So I said nothing confirmed but could not rule out anti-S, anti-Lu(a), anti-K, anti-Fy(a) knowing full well that not be what it wanted. In reality this would be straight off to NHSBT…
91778  - a forty seven year old chap in A&E requiring two units of blood tomorrow
He grouped as B Rh(D) Positive with (thankfully) a negative antibody screen.
I selected two units of B Rh(D) Positive for him
I got it wrong… Or so the software claimed. That D group is *not* uninterpretable. It is clearly positive. You can see the lumps in it. Admittedly weak, but still positive.
And as for the antibody… I think I got it right really…

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