4 October 2022 (Tuesday) - Fritsma Factor Newsletter


The Fritsma Factor Newsletter appeared in my in-box this morning. You can read it by clicking here.

There was an interesting discussion on underfilled tubes; personally I can’t see what there is to discuss… simply don’t test them.

I’m looking forward to developments on the list of accepted abbreviations. I can remember as a very junior trainee listening to a very pompous colleague talking about “accepted abbreviations” and I commented “accepted by whom”. The pompous idiot made great show of pulling all sorts of strange expressions at my comment, but I stand by my comment. “DNA” means very different things to me and to a nurse in a clinic. For a long time “TUBE”, “FLKFLM” and “TF BUNDY” were actually deemed acceptable in some hospitals within a hundred miles of where I worked.

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