7 June 2022 (Tuesday) - Morphology NEQAS 2203 BF

The results of the latest morphology NEQAS became available today.

2203 BF1

I saw:

Lymphocytosis         (2nd most reported)
hairy cells                  (1st most reported)
smear cells                (6th most reported)
Thrombocytopenia   (3rd most reported) 

I said this was a case of hairy cell leukaemia. It was.

2203 BF2 

I saw:

Blast cells      (1st most reported)
Neutropenia  (2nd most reported)
Thrombocytopenia   (3rd most reported)
Giant platelets 

I said this was a case of ALL. It was.

I shall count this as a success

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