26 April 2022 (Tuesday) - Patient Safety e-Learning

I did some e-learning today.  Essentials of Patient Safety“. This is something which is mandatory for all NHS staff. It didn’t actually tell me anything new, but it made me think. It never hurts to review what we do. Even though I don’t work with patients on a daily basis, what I do can (and does) have a serious bearing on their well-being. Especially if I get it wrong. 
The e-learning made great show of whilst individuals can make mistakes, systems may well be at fault. And also went on to say that a blame culture is a bad thing…

I did get it wrong once. Well… I suspect I’ve got it wrong many times, but I got it SERIOUSLY wrong once when I had been asked (told) to do the work of two people on a particular day, and in the aftermath of the incident I personally was labelled as incompetent and received a very public character assassination from a person clearly looking for a scapegoat (not that I’m bitter…!).
How times have changed…

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