15 April 2022 (Good Friday) - NEQAS 2202 BF


I got hold of the latest morphology NEQAS results on last night’s night shift…


2202 BF1



Top Ten Comments


Nucleated RBCs

Tear Drop Poikilocytes


Hypochromic Cells

Blast Cells


Platelet Clumps


Target Cells

Basophilic Stippling/Punctate Basophilia

I said



tear drop cells

target cells 


Occasional blast cell

pencil cells

platelet clumps






I felt this was a case of myelofibrosis. It was actually myelodysplastic syndrome with excess blasts (MDS-EB) with acquired haemoglobin H disease and anaemia of chronic disease.

I was close enough… wasn’t I?


2202 BF2


Top Ten Comments


Target Cells

Normal Film

Hypochromic Cell

Platelet Anisocytosi

Hypogranular/Agranula (Neutrophils)


Large/Giant Platelets


Atypical/Suspect Reactive Lymphocytes Mixed Cell Population (Dimorphic)

I said


A few target cells







I felt this was a normal blood film; it was. Much of the magic of morphology is spotting when something is abnormal, and when it is not

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