7 March 2022 (Tuesday) - BTLP - TACT Excercise


Time for another BTLP-TACT exercise…
I was presented with one case from the out-patients department; an eighty-four year-old chap requiring group and save prior to surgery for a bladder tumour.

The ABO group was indeterminate with cells grouping as “A” but plasma grouping as “O”, but the Rh group was negative.
Possibly a case of A2 with anti-A1, or a cold antibody such as anti-P1 or anti-M? Either way such further investigations are (sadly) beyond t he ability of the BTLP-TACT simulator

The antibody screen had weak reactions in all three cells. I requested antibody panels.
The enzyme panel was positive in cells 3 and 5 corresponding with anti-E

The IAT panel was positive in cells 1, 3, 5, 6, 9 & 10 corresponding with anti – Fy(a) but could not rule out anti-Lu(a)

I got the green light… as I should. I must admit I didn’t so much see that as a demonstration of my ability to do blood group serology as a demonstration of my ability to navigate the software…

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