14 February 2022 (Monday) - Mott Cells

One of the consultants sent out pictures of thee cells last week. I got round to having a look this morning. 

This week's film is a bone marrow trephine roll from a 65 year old man
What is the diagnosis ?

What are the inclusions called ?
You can get similar inclusions in other parts of the cells in this condition - what are they called ? 

I’d say this was a case of myeloma – the cells look like Mott cells; the individual inclusions being Russell bodies. There’s more on Mott cells here
As for other inclusions, the ASH is rather vague on the matter. There are sometimes crystals, Auer rod–like inclusions, and rarely azurophilic granules but as for a specific name… I don’t know. I shall have to find out…

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