2 September 2021 (Thursday) - Professional Indemnity Cover

I had emails from both the HCPC and the IBMS today. As part of re-registering with the HCPC I had to confirm I’m meeting their CPD standards. Hopefully this blog is doing the trick?

I also had to confirm that I’ve got professional indemnity cover which I have with the IBMS…

And then having agreed to everything I had a look to see what the IBMS had to say. They announced that they were stopping their professional indemnity cover from the end of this month. In their email they did say: “If you are employed by the NHS, then any claim made against the NHS in respect of poor or negligent treatment of a patient, which you may have been a part of, will be insured by the NHS under the State’s medical malpractice cover. In this circumstance, you will not need to buy your own medical malpractice policy”.

I can’t help but wonder if this is true? Perhaps I might need to join a union again just in case?

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