19 August 2021 (Thursday) - The Oncologist Newsletter

The nice people at “The Oncologist” sent their update today. As is always the case with their stuff, much of it went over my head, but some of it made some sense…

Featured Content

Practice-Changing Article

NEPA Versus Aprepitant for Prevention of Chemotherapy-Induced Nausea and Vomiting 

Guidelines suggest that NK1RA agents are interchangeable. This article reports the first study comparing one NK1RA (oral NEPA [netupitant/palonosetron]) with another (aprepitant) in patients receiving chemotherapy.


Review Article

EMA Review of Isatuximab for Multiple Myeloma

This article summarizes the scientific review of the application leading to EMA regulatory approval of isatuximab combination therapy for multiple myeloma.



In the News


Clinical Trial Results

Efficacy and Safety of Trametinib in Non-V600 BRAF Mutant Melanoma: A Phase II Study

Lessons Learned

  • This study suggests that trametinib has significant clinical activity in non-V600 BRAF mutation and BRAF fusion metastatic melanoma, albeit in a small cohort.
  • All patients with metastatic melanoma should undergo sequencing of the BRAF gene to identify noncanonical BRAF mutations that may indicate benefit from treatment with trametinib.

Aaron Hata, MD, PhD, Alice Shaw, MD, PhD and Rebecca Heist, MD, MPH address the therapeutic landscape of MET-, ALK- and ROS1-driven lung cancers, including the role of the drivers in oncogenesis, a review of the latest advances in targeted therapies and drug resistance, and examination of the different approaches in next-generation sequencing.

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