28 June 2021 (Monday) - e-learning Updates

I did some e-learning today. I started with a refresher on the use of anti-D in the midwifery setting. A refresher is always good… and then I did a refresher on GMP… 

Perhaps I wasn't in the best of frames of mind when I did this... Don't get me wrong - I fully understand the need for audit and documentation and control of what goes on in labs. However is it necessary to labour the point in such pedantic and petty detail? Does an encyclopaedic knowledge and recall of which regulatory body does what actually improve what goes on in the labs?

I think the relevance of the stuff is summed up when I say that I really don’t know what the acronym GMP stands for.

More and more I'm coming to the conclusion that it will very soon be time for me to retire...

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