22 April 2021 (Thursday) - IBMS Newsletter

The IBMS sent their “Council and Fellows” newsletter today… You can read it by clicking here. I am very conscious that I never seem to have anything positive to say about my own professional body, but the thing seemed very focussed on people. What does this woman have to say? What does this chap think?..
Wouldn’t they be far better off  publishing reviews of the latest developments in medical microbiology, current trends in cervical cytology screening, articles about the latest analyers for use in blood science departments, giving links to their own CPD website…

I can remember once being particularly disillusioned with an edition of the IBMS Gazette and I wrote to the editor outlining my concerns that the magazine didn’t appeal to the membership. He didn’t actually tell me to get knotted…
I can remember (many years ago) going to a national meeting which had incredibly little substance but a lot of meeting up of old chums.

Back in the day we would have regular after-work meetings organised by local IBMS branches. They were interesting and useful.

I am rather worried that either I or my professional body is going in the wrong direction… On reflection I suppose the IBMS is going to go in the direction of those who put in the effort to give it a direction. Perhaps I should stop sitting round griping and do something?

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