20 April 2021 (Tuesday) - Conducting A Review


Doing this CPD blog is easy enough. I subscribe to every mailing list known to science, and in odd moments I peruse what they send me and stick it in the CPD folder in my email in-box. When I have a spare hour or so (like today on a dull morning before a night shift) I write up that which has proved useful.
The last time I sat down and wrote things up was twelve days ago. In that time I had accumulated twenty things I’d read in my in-box. This morning I have written up seven of them. The rest really had been of no relevance to me.  

This happens a lot. I read absolutely everything that I get sent,  and for at least half of the things I read I say to myself “so what?” and make no mention here as whatever it was turned out to be utterly irrelevant. 

I’m wasting too much time, so this morning I unsubscribed from the Medscape UK News alerts, the European Society for Medical Oncology, the Bioanalysis Zone and the Cureus Journal of Medical Science.
I need to be somewhat more focussed in what I’m subscribing to. Signing up for absolutely everything and then grumbling about how much time I’ve wasted isn’t working…

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