16 April 2021 (Friday) - ASH Update

The American Society of Hematology sent an update on bleeding disorders today. Perhaps a tad clinical, but all good stuff…

 Here are the highlights in bleeding disorders:

International Working Group Publishes Revised Definitions for Remission, Relapse in Immune TTP
The new definitions incorporate ADAMTS13 activity and the effects of anti-von Willebrand factor therapy on platelet counts in the management of iTTP.
TPO-RAs and ITP: Eltrombopag Induces High Efficacy, But Avatrombopag Offers Advantages
A pair of studies presented at the 2020 ASH Annual Meeting analyzed eltrombopag in real-world clinical practice against clinical trials experiences, and against avatrombopag.
DDAVP Prevents Post-Intervention Bleeding Complications in Patients With Low von Willebrand Factor Levels
While DDAVP is effective for certain subgroups of patients with low VWF levels, a personalized approach to management may also be important for the prevention of bleeding complications.

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