19 January 2021 (Tuesday) - Hb S Screening

I had the opportunity to sit in on a webinar today. “Difficulties and Pitfalls in Hb S diagnosis” presented by Sebia Diagnostics. I’ve always been interested in haemoglobinopathies, and the presentation was rather interesting. The take-home message was to not just rely on HPLC or electrophoresis as there are a range of variant haemoglobins which run along with Hb S. Sickle solubility testing is always something which should be done.

I was very grateful for the opportunity to sit in on the presentation, but I was dependent on keeping the boss sweet, as were all the dozens of other attendees across the country. Like all webinars, the entire concept is wrong. Webinars are like a telly program in the days before video recording; someone else presses play and we all sit and stare. A podcast is so much better; we can watch at a time that suits us, we can rewind and replay bits which baffle us, we can pause if we want to.

But I’m not complaining… something for nothing is always good.

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