10 January 2021 (Sunday) - ASH's Spotlight on Clotting Disorders

The A.S.H. sent a little update on clotting disorders today… very clinical rather than technical, but then I suppose that is not a bad thing to help me get my role into perspective in the great scheme of things…  Is it *really* worth spending a small fortune on measuring a specific analyte when knowing something simple like the patient’s body weight or whether they are a smoker gives far more information about the best anticoagulant therapy…

Is Caplacizumab a Cost-Effective Strategy for Acquired TTP?
With a list price of $270,000, the cost of the treatment outweighs its benefits, according to results of a cost-effectiveness analysis published in Blood.

Testing for Inherited Thrombophilias Provides Limited Benefit
Other risk factors, such as cancer, hypertension, or smoking, may be more clinically useful for making decisions about use and duration of anticoagulation in the setting of an acute venous or arterial thrombotic event.

Normal Results on D-Dimer Testing Can Safely Rule out Deep Vein Thrombosis
An initial stand-alone D-dimer test followed by a single whole-leg compression ultrasound in patients who are D-dimer positive can effectively and safely rule out deep vein thrombosis in outpatients with a failure rate of <1%.

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