1 October 2020 (Thursday) - BBTS Specialist Certificate ?


The nice people at the BBTS emailed me this morning.
Accredited by the world-renowned University of Manchester, the BBTS Specialist Certificate in Transfusion Science Practice education course will provide you with evidence of specialist knowledge in transfusion science required to demonstrate your specialist and independent practice capabilities.
This implies that it won’t actually teach me anything, but just provide evidence of what I already know. But I wouldn’t mind taking the course anyway


I won’t say that the cost was hidden, but it certainly wasn’t obvious. After a few minutes I found that if I were to take this course it would cost just nine quid short of nine hundred pounds. Back in the day employers used to pay for this sort of thing for their staff. Today I’d have to shell out. I suppose these people make their money because they are now dealing predominantly with a generation which is used to paying for its education.
I can remember when this course was first launched. It was supposedly going to be a compulsory pre-requisite for anyone working in a blood bank. That never happened, but it could have been a good thing for health care at large if not for my pocket.

 Am I being such a reactionary old leftie in thinking that blood banks might be better served by making these courses more accessible to their target audience?

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