28 August 2020 (Friday) - Who Reads this Rubbish?

Here’s a little reflection… Here’s how I catalogue my CPD activities…
I subscribe to pretty much every mailing list I can find which might be of some relevance to me (professionally). These emails all go into a particular sub-folder in my work email in-box.
Every activity I do (on-line morphology, NEQAS exercise, e-learning, BTLP-TACT exercise, etc.) I write up and save as a draft email in that sub-folder. Once or twice a month I go through that sub-folder. 

That which has actually benefitted me in any way gets a mention on this blog. That which doesn’t gets consigned to the bin. I went through the folder yesterday and went through everything that I had accumulated in the two weeks from August 14-28. There were twenty-eight “things” in my sub-folder. I only put up six posts; twenty-two turned out not to make the grade.

And look at the entries I put up in the batch before that from August 11 – 13. Or don’t. they are dull. But the new Blogger software tells me how many times the entries are viewed. Each of the half-dozewn entries I posted has been viewed by nearly forty people.
Perhaps people *are* finding this blog useful. And helping others to learn is part of the CPD requirements…
Writing this blog is win-win all round…

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