11 August 2020 (Tuesday) - IBMS Newsletter



The IBMS sent their newsletter today… there is a new committee, there is a list of “inspirational individuals who make The Pathologist's Power List”, there’s a call for volunteers for a mentoring program (I could do that… maybe!)

There was precious little science in the thing. When I was a lad the IBMS had very active local branches and was more a social club than it was a professional institute. The IBMS went through a few (many) years of not really being relevant, tried to re-invent itself as a regulatory body (but seems to have given up with that idea), and now seems to be becoming a social club again.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain. The IBMS is like a dustbin – I will only get out of it that which I put into it. Having said that, I put in one hundred and seventy-nine quid a year..

Am I wrong for wanting more? And if I want more, specifically what more do I want?

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