31 July 2019 (Wednesday) - BTLP - TACT excercise

I had an email from the BTLP-TACT people today. I was a tad miffed to read “… you may need to complete further TACT participations to improve your engagement target with the system” when I’m told by all of my colleagues that I do far more exercises than they do, and that they don’t get these reminders.
The last time I did one was two weeks and one day ago. How often am I supposed to do these? But it is good CPD, and it is free…
I was presented with one case; a twenty-two year-old woman needing two units of irradiated blood within the next two hours. She typed as O Pos with a negative antibody screen. I selected two units of O Pos irradiated blood (both of which were K-negative)… and got the green light.

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