6 June 2019 (Thursday) - BTLP Excercise

Well… it was time to do another BTLP-TACT exercise…

I was presented with one case – sample number 38991 George Yosef; a twenty-two year old chap with beta thalassaemia requiring a two-unit transfusion.
The chap’s blood group was indeterminate. It looked like A Pos, but with the control well coming up positive, all bets were off.
The antibody screen was negative in well 2.
I requested antibody panels. The IAT and enzyme panels were positive in cells 3 and 5. This is consistent with anti-E.

So… indeterminate blood group with anti-E for a routine transfusion. In reality I would refer to the NBS. However this isn’t reality. I have to second-guess what the software wants me to do. I decided to select E-Neg O Neg units because… well, were this an emergency case that’s what I would do.

I got the green light…

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