28 February 2019 (Thursday) - BTLP-TACT Excercise

I did a BTLP-TACT exercise today. Admittedly I’m on a week’s holiday, but if I don’t do them regularly I get told off.

There were two cases this time:

00181” who was male and for group & save. He was A Pos with no antibodies detected.

87771” who was also male and for group & save. He was A Pos  but had a positive reaction in cell two of the antibody screen.
I requested IAT and enzyme panels which were positive in cells two and six and negative in all others. This corresponded with an anti-K and there was nothing else that was not excluded.

I got it right… that is to say I managed to do it right as far as the software was concerned. I would like to see an antigenicity for the screen to be sure that fitted with the anti-K, and I would like to be able to request a phenotype for the patient…

But it’s a rather good bit of software – something for nothing is always good.

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