8 January 2019 (Tuesday) - Blood Film NEQAS

I looked at the December NEQAS films on 12 December... the information given was rather lacking as it usually is.

The results came back on today - I did good.

1808 BF1

Left shifted neutrophilia   (3)/(5)
myelocytes​                      (2)
Thrombocytopenia          (1)

?? reactive  ? CML          (CML)

1808 BF2

Lymphocytosis (1)
Smear cells​      (6)
Sezary cells     (5)
Hypochromia   (4)
Pencil cells      (10)

?? Sezary       (Sezary syndrome)

That’s four out of the top five comments on 1808 BF1 and five out of the top ten comments on 1808 BF2, and both conditions recognised correctly.

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