10 January 2019 (Thursday) -Transfusion News email

The Transfusion News email came today. My last two posts were grumbles. This one - not so. Ironically the works IT people have blocked the web domain used by the nice people at Transfusion News…

Locus on Chromosome 5 Associated with Alloimmunization
January 9, 2019
Red blood cell (RBC) transfusion remains the cornerstone for treating patients with sickle cell disease (SCD). While most patients with SCD do not form alloantibodies even after several transfusions, other “responder” SCD patients are more susceptible. While pro-inflammatory conditions have been shown to increase the risk for [Read More]
The “Transfusion Medicine Question of the Day” is now available in Spanish for the first time. “Question of the Day” is a free interactive resource that helps professionals in transfusion medicine stay up to date on vital information in their field. [Read More]
Restrictive RBC Transfusions Safe for Patients Long-Term
January 2, 2019
Several randomized clinical trials demonstrated restrictive RBC transfusion approaches are safe for patients over the short-term. Many patients with moderate anemia (hemoglobin between 7 g/dL and 10 g/dL) no longer receive RBC transfusions, and the long-term consequences of restrictive RBC transfusions have not [Read More]
Whole Blood Transfusions on the Battlefield
December 26, 2018
Uncontrolled hemorrhage is life threatening for trauma victims, and transfusion of blood products along with hemorrhage control is critical for patient survival. Whole blood (WB) transfusions have been used in the military setting since [Read More]
Electronic Scanning of Patient Wristbands Reduces Chance of ABO-Incompatible Transfusions
December 19, 2018
ABO-incompatible transfusions can be life-threatening to patients and are often attributable to human errors. Wrong blood in tube (WBIT) errors lead to an ABO-incompatible transfusion about 1% of the time, and these errors are preventable. WBIT errors occur when [Read More]

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