14 August 2018 (Tuesday) - Transfusion News email

The nice people at Transfusion News sent their update today. I was interested to read about how rapid provision of plasma for trauma cases improved the outcome, but I can’t help but wonder at the rate of wastage of a product which is in rather short supply

Plasma Transfusions in Trauma Patients with Short Transport Times
August 9, 2018
Since the US Food and Drug Administration may soon approve freeze-dried or lyophilized plasma, several trials have recently investigated the efficacy of prehospital plasma transfusions in trauma patients. The Prehospital Air Medical Plasma (PAMPer) trial published in The New England Journal of Medicine in July found that trauma patients who received plasma during air transport [Read More]
Alloimmunization is a BIG Word! with Chris Tormey
July 31, 2018
Nearly 50,000 Americans die from severe injuries each year, mainly from severe hemorrhage within two hours after the injury. Time-sensitive care is critical to the survival of these patients. The Prehospital Air Medical Plasma (PAMPer) trial has been investigating the efficacy and safety of pre-hospital plasma transfusions compared to standard care in trauma patients [Read More]
Presence of Cell-free Nucleic Acids in Blood Products
July 25, 2018
Cell-free nucleic acids (CFNAs) are often present in plasma. A new study tested whether CFNAs are also present and active in red blood cell (RBC) units, fresh frozen plasma units, and platelet concentrates. Using a nanochip bioanalyzer, double-stranded DNA fragments were found in RBC units, platelet concentrates, and fresh frozen plasma units. Significant concentrations of [Read More]

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