6 July 2018 (Friday) - NEQAS

I finally got round to looking up the results of the blood film NEQAS I did a while back…

1804 BF1

In this film I saw lymphocytosis, smear cells ,macrocytosis, polychromasia and basophilic stippling. There were some nucleated red cells…

I thought it was CLL with AIHA… it was.

1804 BF2

In this film I saw anisopoikilocytosis, target cells, hypochromia and basophilic stippling

I thought it was possibly a haemoglobinopathy of some form, as did most other participants including the expert whose opinion was given in the report.
However it was a case of  congenital sideroblastic anaemia. Rather obscure… I can’t help but wonder how I (and most of the other participants) would have fared had we been given more information. If there is one criticism I would make of these NEQAS excercises it is that we don’t get anywhere near enough information on these cases…

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