13 February 2018 (Tuesday) - Wiley Oncology Newsletter

The nice people at Wiley sent me their Oncology and Radiotherapy newsletter today.
All sorts of snippets there.

Breast cancer statistics, 2017, racial disparity in mortality by state
CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
The genomic landscape of cutaneous melanoma
Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research
Worldwide burden of cancer attributable to HPV by site, country and HPV type
International Journal of Cancer
Special Collection: Essential Articles in Symptom Management and Supportive Care
The Oncologist
Clinician provision of oncofertility support in cancer patients of a reproductive age: A systematic review
Characterisation of the genomic landscape of CRLF2‐rearranged acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer
Marijuana use and inpatient outcomes among hospitalized patients: analysis of the nationwide inpatient sample database
Cancer Medicine
Cannabis use among patients at a comprehensive cancer center in a state with legalized medicinal and recreational use
IL-33 promotes growth and liver metastasis of colorectal cancer in mice by remodeling the tumor microenvironment and inducing angiogenesis
Molecular Carcinogenesis
Towards a personalized surgical margin for breast conserving surgery—Implications of field cancerization in local recurrence
Journal of Surgical Oncology
The critical role of EBUS-TBNA cytology in the staging of mediastinal lymph nodes in lung cancer patients: A correlation study with positron emission tomography findings
Cancer Cytopathology
Unusual Presentation of Gestational Hypertrophy of Breasts
The Breast Journal

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