12 February 2018 (Monday) - Mistakes

Over breakfast I saw my professional regulator had posted on Facebook on a subject that will haunt me for ever. They had released a statement on the case of Doctor Bawa-Garba who has been found guilty of manslaughter following a terrible incident in which a small child died. I see the Secretary of State for Health has also got involved and said that clarity is needed about drawing the line between gross negligence and ordinary errors. He went on to say that doctors should learn from - not fear – mistakes. Whilst no one can deny that the mistake that was made was awful, hospitals are rather full-on stressful places. And when a mistake is made, the consequences are far-reaching for those on both sides of the error.

Spending years to qualify for a job in which any mistake will land you in prison isn’t conducive to recruitment and retention of staff, is it?

Who of us can say truthfully that they have never once made a mistake at work?
(And again I felt physically sick as I mentally re-lived the summer of seven years ago)

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