23 January 2018 (Tuesday) - Transfusion News email

The Transfusion News people sent their email today:

Cell Salvage for Cesarean Sections

January 17, 2018
Cell savage, the collection and return of lost autologous blood during surgery, is frequently used in cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries. The use of cell savage in obstetrics, however, has been limited due to the concern of amniotic fluid embolism and RhD hemolytic disease. In order to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of cell savage, 3,028 [Read More]

RBC Transfusions for Palliative Care Patients

January 9, 2018
Palliative care is a proactive and personalized approach for improving physical and spiritual problems in terminally ill patients. Cancer patients with symptom or treatment-related anemia heavily rely on palliative care and many receive transfusions to help alleviate their suffering. In order to assess whether red blood cell (RBC) transfusions actually improve palliative care patient’s symptoms [Read More]

Successful Treatment of Refractory B-cell Lymphomas with CAR T-Cell Therapy

January 3, 2018
Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy has been shown to successfully treat refractory B-cell lymphomas. Two new studies published in The New England Journal of Medicine confirm that CAR T-cell therapy can be used to treat B-cell lymphoma patients who have not responded to standard therapies. Neelapu et al. led [Read More]

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