18 January 2018 (Thursday) - Mitotic Figure

I saw this mitotic figure down the microscope today. Over the years I’ve seen a few of these, Not many; they are rather rare.
Here’s the (suitably doctored) blood count result:

N01234567            PATIENT Hash one             01.02.31  F  ITU
Specimen Z,19.0001234.X      Clin dets  Pneumonia
Collected 18.01.18   NK      A.Diag 
-------------- high intensity test code => unauthorised result -------------
PT           14.8         |RDW        + 16.6         |
APTT         32.9         |Neuts        NA           |MNEUT      + 30.12a
FIB        + 7.86         |Lymphs       NA           |MLYMP        3.41a
Hb         - 75           |Monos        NA           |MBASO      + 0.26a
WBC        + 34.84        |Eosin        NA           |META         0.79a
Plts         367          |Baso         NA           |MYELO        0.26a
Hct        - 0.232        |MPV          12.0         |NRBC's       0.5
RBC        - 2.59         |PCT          0.44         |NUCA         0.16
MCV          89.6         |FILM         Film Made    |
MCH          29.0         |INR          1.2          |
MCHC         323          |                          |
FBC        Left shifted neutrophilia with some early forms seen. ? reactive

I spent a few minutes reading up about their significance. Their presence is often associated with pneumonia…

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