12 January 2018 (Friday) - Accole

Whilst getting the information together for the last few write-ups I learned a new phrase: “accole malarial forms”.

I’ve always known that trophozoites of P falciparum can be found on the edge of the red blood cells. I didn’t know that these are known as accole forms.
There’s three distinct types:

1. Common

The single chromatin bead lies on the edge of the cell with most of the cytoplasm
extended along the edge on both sides of the bead.


The complete parasite lies in a thichened line along the edge of the cell with no evidence of ring formation.


The parasites are displaced beyond the edge of the host cell.  All degrees of displacement may occur, from partial to marked displacement with most of the parasite lying beyond the cell margin.

One lives and learns…

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