12 december 2017 (Tuesday) - Transfusion News email

The Transfusion News email came today. Loads of snippets…

 Transfusion News
Cold-Storage for Platelets

December 6, 2017
Platelets are normally transfused either prophylactically for oncology and hematology patients, or to help stop severe bleeding. Since the mid-1980s, platelets have been stored at room-temperature with constant agitation. However, recent and past research suggests that cold storage of platelets actually preserves their hemostatic function, which may be best for actively bleeding patients. In 2013, [Read More]

Characteristics of Transfusion Recipients in the United States

November 29, 2017
The Recipient Epidemiology and Donor Evaluation Study-III (REDS-III) has gathered detailed information on both inpatient and outpatient transfusions over the past 6 years in the United States. Data from a two year period (2013-14) collected from 12 U.S. hospitals in four regions among inpatients was recently published in Transfusion. Based on 641,751 inpatients, 12.5% (80,362) [Read More]

Do Clinicians Know Transfusion Medicine? with Rich Haspel

December 11, 2017 | BBGuy Podcast
Do the people making the decisions on transfusion have enough education and training to be able to do so efficiently and well? If not, how do we fix it? Dr. Rich Haspel is here to help us answer both questions! [Listen Now]
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