7 December 2017 (Thursday) - H.S.

This picture appeared in the Facebook Hematology Interest Group today

5 y-o child of Filipino background.
WBC: 13.0 G/L (corrected for NRBC)
Hgb: 81 g/L
MCV: 65 fL
Plt: 400 G/L
NRBC: 2/100 WBC
Retic: 650 G/L (RF: 40-120)

My first thought of some horrible acquired condition was revisited when I saw the child’s age. Hereditary spherocytosis? Looks rather extreme…
Between seeing the case and my actually writing this, the following appeared:

24 hr incubated Osmotic Fragility is abnormal.
Pathologist's review and comments: "Prominent spherocytosis and reticulocytosis with abnormal increased 24 h incubated osmotic fragility c/w Hereditary Spherocytosis, query autosomal recessive. Less likely Hereditary Pyropoikilocytosis in view of Filipino (non-black) background and lack of elliptocytosis in parents." Spectrin analysis and heat stability tests were sent out to a reference lab. Results are not available.

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