4 November 2017 (Saturday) - Green Crystals

Another snippet from the Facebook Haematology Interest Group:

Had an interesting case involving green inclusions in neutrophils. My first thought was of the "green inclusions of death" I had read about in case studies and a couple of times here. They looked exactly like what I had seen in pictures.
However this was not the case in this patient. Here's some more information about the patient to see if you guys come to the same conclusion as the pathologist.
On the patients slide I had seen yeast forms and the green inclusions. The yeast forms were an important find but not relevant to the final diagnosis. Cultures are pending so it's not confirmed at this point. The patient had recently received a hip or knee replacement (don't exactly remember which but it's not relevant which one). The pathologist decided an iron stain would be helpful and it showed the inclusions did not contain iron. I've included a picture of the inclusions although it is not directly from this case. I don't have a picture of the iron stain but the inclusions stained a bright yellow

For all that I’ve mentioned the “green crystals of death” I’ve still to see any. Now there’s more than one sort of green crystal…

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