30 October 2017 (Saturday) - Case Study

This came up in the Facebook Haematology Interest Group page today:

A rare case of Myeloproliferative Neoplasm - Chronic neutrophilic leukemia (CNL)

Our HIG administrator Samantha Dewey has written up a very rare case of CNL in the Google application Google Classroom. You'll need a Google account if you do not have one yet. You can also take a quiz to test what you have learned once you have completed the reading material. The answers will be sent back to you if you provide your e-mail address. So just mouse over the links and enjoy the case and answer the questions.

There is also a virtual slide available. Individuals and organizations wanting to created a library of their own virtual slides can purchase a copy. Funding from this source will be used to further our mandate for HIG.

Once you've logged onto Classroom with your own account, you'll see a "+" sign on the top right hand corner. Click on "Join Class". and use the Classroom code: p5f54a

Classroom address:

Virtual slide address: https://easyzoom.com/image…/5c781e89778842f4966ec7656983b8ff

I’ve mentioned before that this group is worth joining…

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